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2019 Has been a busy year.  A partial list of our seminars and events.

Dr Brindley, Hubbs and Underhill all attended the Chiropractic BioPhysics Annual research conference in Scottsdale, AZ joining doctors from around the United States including Alaska and Florida as well from countires around the world.  We met doctors from Curaco, Australia, France, Canada, Germany and Middle East.   Car crash injuries, trauma to fighter pilots, infant and adolesent care, scoliosis, chronic health conditions and posture corrective care were among the topics covered.

Dr Underhill attended the Seattle NeuroMechanical Impuse IQ Extremities Instrument Ajusting Course taught by Christopher Colloca, DC, PhD.  This completes the courses in specialized instrument adjusting and after passing the written test, joins Dr Hubbs as being certified in Impulse Instrument Adjusting. 

Dr Hubbs attended the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon annual conference along with the Pacific NW Brain Injury Alliance states. This deals with traumatic brain injury which includes car crash injury, concussion and stroke (He is the co-president of this group!). 

Congraduations to our very own Dr Hubbs.  He was elected as the Oregon Chiropactic Association Vice President.  

Dr Underhill's case study on adult scoliosis correction was accepted for presentation at the prestigious international Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment conference in San Francisco and also for platform presentation at the Spine Society Of Australia 30th Annual Scientific Meeting.  He has had numerous presentatons in multiple states on the topic of non-surgical scoliosis treatment. 

Dr Hubbs presented a case study on adolescent scoliosis treatment at the Oregon Chiropractic Association in Portland.

Dr Hubbs and Underhill and most of the staff attended the Oregon Chiropractic Association Convention in Portland with topics such as advances in neurology, treatment of car crash injuries, shoulder and ankle injuries as well as laser therapy and other relevant topics.