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Our Mission

Help you to eliminate your pain and to improve your function in your day to day activities. To offer a unique and comfortable healing environment for our community. We are committed to staying current with the most recent chiropractic science and research in order to bring our patients the most up to date non-invasive health care available.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Though many people first visit a chiropractor for a single adjustment after injuring themselves, most spinal health issues evolve over many years and result from structural and muscle imbalances due to poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, inattention to ergonomics, a series of minor injuries, etc.

What a chiropractor does is re-educate your body to correct these imbalances by changing neural pathways and restoring the communication between your nervous system and your muscular and skeletal infrastructure.

The structure of the human body and its effect on function is the central focus of 180° Chiropractic and chiropractic science. The spinal column forms the physical core of the human body. The spine's complex role - protecting the central nervous system, stabilizing the skeleton and anchoring the primary muscle groups - is the essence of human structure and function. When balanced and aligned, the spine is stable. A healthy spine ensures strength, flexibility and functional freedom over the course of a lifetime.