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Welcome to 180° Chiropractic, a New Direction in Chiropractic Care dedicated to your health and wellness. Call for your appointment (503) 646-2278.

180º Chiropractic embodies the changing direction of contemporary health care. In recent years, clinical studies and health care research have revealed an essential role for chiropractic care in addressing acute and chronic pain, osteoporosis, as well as in improving balance, strength, overall human performance and health.  While it is true that we have treated athletes from the NFL, NBA, ATP and Nascar as well as other professional and college teams most of our patients are just regular folks and weekend warriors.

180° Chiropractic's new direction in chiropractic care encompasses expertise in both traditional and nontraditional specialty areas. Our unique services include the BStrong4Life™ program, an amazing program that uses state-of-the-art equipment to increase strength, improve balance and bone health -- all in just one visit per week.

We also offer Chiropractic Biophysics (R) care for structural correction, pain relief and injury care, sports performance programs for athletes, orthotics, massage therapy, acupuncture services, and nutritional support among many other treatment modalities. (For a complete list, please refer to our Services and Techniques.)

Charting a New Course for Your Health

180° Chiropractic distinguishes itself by offering individualized total care plans. Whether your first visit to 180º Chiropractic is related to a motor vehicle or work related accident, sports injury, poor posture or a chronic back or neck problem, we begin with a comprehensive assessment of where you are now. We’ll gather a detailed health history, take a set of safe, precision, digital X-rays if needed; evaluate your range of motion, and consider how your diet, everyday activities, stress levels and other factors that may be contributing to your present state.

We then create a personalized plan of care designed to achieve your treatment goals. The plan also includes objective measures we can use to evaluate progress toward those goals. The plan offers you a comprehensive picture of your current health status, as well as insight into the cause of your condition and honest options to choose from regarding how you would like to proceed. It will include a regimen of chiropractic therapies and rehabilitative exercises in addition to dietary recommendations, home regimens, and ergonomic products that will help reduce pain and prevent further recurrences or injury.

Best of all:

  • You determine the course that best fits your schedule, lifestyle and insurance/financial needs.
  • Our goal is to give you the best return on your healthcare investment.


We are preferred providers or in network for many insurance plans including Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, HealthNet, HealthWays, Lifewise, Moda/ODS, Pacific Source and Providence. Check with your insurance provider for individual coverage.

No insurance? No problem!

We are a participating provider in ChiroHealthUSA and also Preferred Chiropractic Doctor which offers discounts on services. To learn more, please Click Here.

We invite you to learn more about therapies appropriate after injuries suffered from an accident

We are now a ScoliBrace certified clinic!  The new ScoliBrace is unique and different from traditional braces.  In the majority of cases, we often see decreasing rib humping, shoulder unleveling, and other postural distortions.  In most cases the overall posture and appearance of the patient’s body is greatly improved.

 Our doctors regularly attend educational seminars to stay up on the current research and advances in cutting edge chiropractic care.  Recent seminars include the Chiropractic BioPhysics (R) Annual Conference in Phoenix. Neuromechanical Instrument Adjusting in Seattle,  the Oregon Chiropractic Association Annual conference, the Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Alliance conference and the Chiropractic BioPhysics (R) Intensive Hands-On Workshop in Eagle Idaho.