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This page contains information and links to various articles, texts and positions related to Dr Mike Underhill. 

In 2010, Dr Underhill was invited to speak at the "Whiplash" conference at Park City, Utah.  He presented 2 talks, one on Documenting Whiplash Injuries and the other on Upper Cervical Ligament Injury Diagnosis with MRI, X-ray and Motion X-ray.  The conference was well attended with mostly chiropractors from all over the country. 

Dr. Underhill was invited to give a peer-reviewed platform presentation in Washington DC at the prestigious Association of Chiropractic Colleges and the Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC). "The ACC-RAC conference has become the pre-eminent conference for chiropractic research and academia". His topic was a study of successful chiropractic treatment for a teenager injured in a motor vehicle collision. The abstract was published in The Journal of Chiropractic Education, Volume 22, Number 1 Spring 2008; p. 80. Journal of Chiropractic Education Abstracts see p. 80.  

In this photo, Dr. Underhill (left) stands with colleague and friend Tadeusz Janik, PhD, a well known researcher for his work in chiropractic as well as with NASA.  

Dr Mike Underhill was again honored when his research paper on the treatment of whiplash injury was accepted for peer-reviewed platform presentation at the International Whiplash Trauma Congress in Miami Florida. Attendees included medical, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, engineers, attorneys and other leading experts in their respective fields to expand their knowledge in the most recent findings regarding whiplash injuries and their sequelae.  This paper was co-authored and presented by Dr. Deed Harrison, one of chiropractic’s leading researchers and authorities on the spine.



What you and your patients need to know about Fish and Mercury 
The American Chiropractor 
Information about your health, fish and contaminants 
Volume 29, Issue 03, Jan 2007  

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Pregnant Women and Infants
The American Chiropractor 
Brief review of research on long chain fatty acids for pregnant women and infants 
Volume 29, Issue 01, Jan 2007

Clinical Indications for Spinal Videoflouroscopy in the Chiropractic Practice 
The American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic
January 2007, Vol. 17, No. 1  

Practicing Chiropractors' Committee on Radiology Protocols (PCCRP)
Dr Underhill is a committee member and researcher on the Practicing Chiropractors' Committee on Radiology Protocols For Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice.  It is a paper supported and endorsed by over a dozen state associations and national and world associations including:  International Chiropractors Association, World Chiropractic Alliance, Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) and the Council on Chiropractic Practice (CCP)  

Diagnostic Imaging
Educational Manual for Evidence-Based Chiropractic 
Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Committee member and contributor to the Diagnostic Imaging Seed Panel 

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries: Biomechanics, Diagnosis, and Management, Second Edition 
Contributing Author Chapter 3; Diagnosis of Common Crash Injuries and Sequela 
Chapter 8; Management of Motor Vehicle Injuries and Sequela 
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2nd edition, 2005 
This Text is over 600 pages long and has about 1,600 references used in the 22 chapters. 
The authors include 7 chiropractors and 7 medical doctors. 
All of the authors contribute many years of clinical experience relating to crash injuries. 
(ISBN-13: 9780834207271)  

Some History of Chiropractic in Oregon
American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic 
July 2004  

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Management, First Edition
Contributing Author Chapter 1; Diagnosis of Common Crash Injuries 
Chapter 7; Management of Common Injuries 
Aspen, 1996 (ISBN 0-8342-0727-3)